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Multicoinbank Limited (Multicoinbank) is a UK registered legal international investment company where you get double of your invested cryptocurrency after 10 days.


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Multicoinbank Limited (Multicoinbank) is a UK registered legal international investment company.

The company was created by a group of qualified experts, professional bankers, traders and analysts who specialized in the stock, bond, futures, currencies, gold, silver and oil trading with having more than ten years of extensive practical experiences of combined personal skills, knowledge, talents and collective ambitions for success.

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DOGE 500000DOGE 50million DOGE
LISK 500LSK 500000LSK
TETHER 1500USDT 1million USDT



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Multicoinbank is the only registered cryptocurrency investment company in UK


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We place a very high value on transparency. At Multicoinbank you can monitor and follow all your deposits and payouts in real-time at any time.
At Multicoinbank you don't have to make contracts or pledge your property. There are no lenders and no debtors. We use a custom high-frequency trading algorithm. Because the bitcoin price is constantly changing, our platform will automatically trade thousands of bitcoin (satoshi) every minute, locking the price differences as profit.
First Step: Create and account by Signing Up.
Second Step: After confirming your account, Complete your personal information details in your account.
Third Step: Create an Investment from the investment option Deposit your desired amount on any of the Cryptocurrency option to the uniquely generated deposit address you will see on the next page after you create your investment and follow the instructions given.
Fourth Step: The investment created automatically shows on your investment page, when the deposit transaction is confirmed, you will automatically be added into system and investment will start
You can also contact us on CUSTOMER SUPPORT and chat with one of our representatives, and they will guide you through process.
No, we do no charge any fee for our services or use of DoubleBitcoin webisite.
Usually transactions are displayed automatically in 'My Investments' once the deposit transaction receives 3 confirmations from the Cryptocurrency Network. Contact our customer support if your transaction has at least 3 confirmations, and it is still missing.
Yes, we are using a strong 5 Gbps DDoS Protection with 99% up-time guarantee. Complex Layer 7 Protection. Global CDN Acceleration. Global Protected DNS. Web Application Firewall + Certified Domain SSL certificate for secure connection to our website.
We accept 10 different crypto-currency, because this is the best way to avoid high transaction costs, allowing small investors to participate.
Yes, there are no limitations. You can generate as many deposit addresses as you wish, by simply creating another investment and following the process as given earlier.

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Life After The Crash: The Trend of and other CryptoCoins

Trend of Bitcoin Crash

As of the 18th of December, bitcoin prices hover around the 3600$ mark, fluctuating between 3500$ and 3620$ price range. This is not the lowest Bitcoin prices have hit this year, it crashed as low as 3200$ just a few days ago. The alarming trend of bitcoin price crashes is simply outstanding and has led to massive panic among investors. While bitcoin has gone down about 70% from its boom last year, some of the altcoins have fared even worse with drops up to 90%. From an all-time high of $20,000 which goaded many to invest their savings into it, down to $3600, bitcoin has seen a crash of about 80%. The question remains. Can it come back up?

The History of the Crashes

Let’s take a trip down cryptocurrency memory lane. The first-time investors went through this kind of panic was back in 2011, when bitcoin went from $39 in June to $2 come November. This 93% crash as compared to a similar 83% crash in April 2013 when it went from $259 to $45 within a three-day period. After this came the Mt. Gox hack in November 13’, which saw Bitcoin plummet from $1151 to $177, a trend that only ended in 2015 January. These crashes were trailed with the massive drop in trade/transaction volumes. Massive sell-outs always pre-empt or coincide with these price crashes, after which they will level out, dipping to a point before coming back up.

As it has been seen, BTC has undergone some pretty massive crashes in the past. The only difference in 2018’s price drop is the height from which the drop happened. The forks of BTC also involved have made the crash even more noteworthy. While it might appear that the sceptics were right afterward, most HODLers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts retain their faith in the market and point out the fact that this may not been the worst crash in term of percentage crashes.

The Worst Affected Investors

The early birds to the Bitcoin market might be able to afford being ‘blasé’ about it, because the prices are still way higher than how much they bought theirs. However, the recent stream of Crypto market influx who went in during the boom of last year will not be able to share their sentiments. Most of the people who rushed in with everything they had late last year to get a piece of the pie as it boomed are now left high and dry, holding their hats in their hands. Stories of investors taking out loans or putting in life-savings only to be running at almost 90% loss a year later have become the talk of the hour.

The worst hit investors seem to be the ones who invested in altcoins, based on promises of software sharing or other benefits. The coins have crashed, none of the initial offerings on which the coins/tokens were offered where honored, and investors are left feeling cheated and with virtually valueless coins.

Despite the crash, Bitcoin still remains the most valuable cryptocurrency, as some exchanges are trading and dealing in bitcoin despite price crashes. Ethereum is holding its own quite a bit and sometimes tops as the better investment. 

5 Basic Tips For Predicting Cryptocurrency Trends

Predicting Cryptocurrency Trends

All Investments come with a possible risk factor. A major determinant of being a responsible investor is being able to mitigate all risks to make maximum return on your investments (ROI). Predicting the direction or the actual price of any cryptocurrency at a particular time is becoming more difficult to do; considering the current market trends. 

Being able to definitively or conclusively project prices might be impossible. But knowing the range at a time can be possible using some of the following tips. Always keep in mind though that, predictions are just that — a prediction.

Below are the 5 Basic tips for predicting cryptocurrency trends.

1) Follow Trend Lines: Trend lines can be referred to as the obvious trajectory that a coin appears to be following. The volatile nature of crypto assets can render a particular trend implausible or inefficient. Although the trends can help follow the rise and fall, this volatility might deter a wholesome view of trends. Knowing how to read a chat can help in understanding how things like candles, moving averages, RSI, and the order book can clue you into good spots to buy and sell. 

Bollinger Band is one of the best price guess approximator in following trend lines. What it does is, stock of the price is bracketed by upper and lower band and these bands are its standard deviations. The simple logic is studying if the current price is below or above the bands and predicting it to fall back within the bands 

Learning technical analysis is another strong way of following trend lines. The Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) is a good example. The Recurrent Neural Networks, a part of which are the LSTMs which help solve tike series problems. LSTMs have gained ground as a great forecast method for both stock market and crypto prices. 

2) Use Social Media: A ton of social media platforms, accounts, and groups on Twitter, Slack and even Reddit offer current and professional insight into the world of cryptocurrency. Some even have current information on new appearances.  Social vices should also help in knowing when big companies partner or invest in the coin and when cryptopreneurs start promoting a particular coin. Cryptocurrency market capitals are increasing super fast. But still, it is too volatile and manipulative. People are following each other’s movements. 

3) Learn about position sizing and risk management. This method is akin to taking bets. The odds should determine the level of safety that a purchase or trade will represent. The ability to maintain an even keel regardless; will save a lot at the end.  The skill acquired here will help in realizing that crypto tends to be pattern based and tends to go in cycles. This means that you want to be in coins before it starts it's rotation and leaving it as the rotation ends.

These takes experience and a good knowledge on position sizing and risk management.

4) Read the source codeYou can reach it from, just click on the coin you want to see and select source code from this helps in knowing how strong their security and core code is. This could also help in knowing the amount of a coin that has been traded in the last 24 hours.

Major trends precede very high trading numbers. Low trading volumes on the other hand represent a weaker trends. 

5) Use Paid Resources and know your technology. It is A fact that value of paid products is higher than that of the free versions. 

In other words, use paid resources to keep ahead of the cryptomarket and encourage better trading practices. Finally knowing what the coin you are investing in offers is very important because most times you need to check with your beliefs like how much do you believe technology will take over traditional banking?

What you Should know about Timestamping in Blockchains

Timestamping in Blockchains

Timestamping; in the simplest way simply refers to the process of attributing a particular time identity to the creation or modification of a product, content or document.

The idea of timestamps has existed for over 200years. According to Wikipedia; the idea is as old as Hooke's law and might have preceded Newton.

The idea was simple; an inventor; creator; intellectual or whoever was working on an idea.

Despite not being ready to share this idea or invention with the public; for the need of more time to straighten out the kinks; how does this individual lay claim to his originality of the idea if it is in future stolen or claimed before they officially present it?

This was what inspired Hooke to try to figure out an inimitable or otherwise unquestionable system of evidence.

Both Newton and Galileo are believed to have enlisted some form of encryption to protect their intellectual property from being published before they were ready to do so.

Timestamping in old industrial settings and factories were required to keep track of how much work an employee was getting done per day.

How Timestamping in blockchains work

With the new level of technological know-how and continuity; digital timestamping is an obvious necessity.

Making use of blockchain

Timestamps can be classified based on their different schemes and levels or types of security they are trying to achieve.

There are;

1. PKI-based (Public Key Infrastructure) stamps that Are built on a set of policies, and procedures that manage online digital certificates. They are necessary for regulating online transactions and other activities where basic encryption and password coding are inadequate security measures. These include e-commerce and internet banking as well as secure emails....

2. Linking based schemes where various time stamps are related to each other.

3. Database: a time stamp where document hashes are saved in reliant archives.

4. Transient key scheme; this is a variant of PKI.
All these are just a few of the types of timestamps available.

A Trusted Time Stamp or TTS is one issued by a trusted third party acting as a Trusted Stamping Authority (TSA)
A TTS is basically proof that certain data or software was in existence prior to a particular time period.

For blockchain miners, this is necessary to keep tabs on their mining progress.

Also, bitcoin technology has been able to facilitate the creation of a decentralized timestamp system.

By hashing data; it can be incorporated into a transaction on the blockchain and secured.

This security relies on how much computations that are carried out after the encryption of the hash; such that any attempt to unravel or mess with the timeStamp will ultimately unravel the entire blockchain leading to a devaluation of the digital currency to zero.

There are various decentralized blockchain time Stamp providers.
Timestamping on blockchain is tamper proof and relevant for keeping digital content including files, emails, and even plain text.

Examples of such providers include Origin stamp, Open timestamp.

When it comes to bitcoin technology, the possibility kitties ate endlessly and this is just one of them.